Office Address : Lamac, Pinamungajan, Cebu
Contact Person : Ma. Elena C. Limocon – General Manager
Contact Number/s : (032) 468-9257, 467-8171
Date Founded : 1973, Registered with CDA – March 13, 1992
CDA Registration : C.D.A. Reg. No. 9520-07004232 / CIN-0102070290


  • Lamac MPC had its roots in the Lamac Samahang Nayon (Lamac SN) set up in 1973 by 70 tenant tillers and small farm owners with the assistance of the Department of Local Government and Community Development (DLGCD).  The DLGCD was a state agency that had a program to organize poor farmers into self-help groups.  With an initial capital of PhP 50.00 per member, the Lamac SN had been able to raise PhP 3,500 to undertake consumer and marketing services for its members.

  • From 1973-1986, the Lamac SN became a conduit of government services and projects for farmers, and for a time, was the recipient of many awards.  As the government program that created and supported it ended, and as requirements for implementing projects became more complex,  they experienced leadership and management problems, and subsequently, financial decline.

  • About the same time that the Lamac SN was on the decline, a group of young professionals and college level residents organized themselves into the Barangay Lamac Organization and Management Effectiveness Systems Inc.  (BLOMES Inc).  Their aim was to provide and assist organizations in the barangay (village) with management and technical assistance.  BLOMES Inc. was requested by the Lamac SN management to assist them in revitalizing their organization.  With the assistance of BLOMES Inc. and leaders from another cooperative, the Lamac SN was rehabilitated.

  • By 1992, the Lamac SN had been transformed and registered as a full-fledged multi-sectoral, multi-purpose agricultural cooperative under the management of BLOMES Inc, giving birth to the Lamac Multi Purpose Cooperative. Lamac MPC opened its first lending facility. Lamac MPC Officers visited nearby cooperatives that had credit operations for exposure.  They heard about the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) extending credit to agricultural cooperatives so they visited them. Shortly after, Land Bank visited Lamac and helped work out for accreditation.  LBP extended a 1 million peso credit line and technical partnership. Their first loan from the bank was in the amount of PhP 440,000 to buy a hauling truck. The hauling truck was also used to bring sick people to the hospital.

  • In 1994, Lamac MPC received the LBP Gawad Pitak: 3rd Regional Level award

  • In 1995, Lamac MPC won 2nd prize of the Gawad Pitak National Level, with a prize of P400,000.00. They invested this in a rice and corn mill, a hand tractor and a thresher to service our farmer-members. At the same year, Lamac MPC won RCBC Gawad Sikap: 1st National Level with the prize of P100,000.00. This prize played a vital role in providing financial assistance for the construction of the convent and church renovation for the formation of Lamac Parish, the San Isidro Labrador Parish.

  • In 1996, LMPC bagged the following awards:

- 4th Place - LBP Gawad Pitak National Level Best Coop Citizenship – LBP Gawad Pitak
- Tulong sa Tao Award – DTI , Provincial Level


  • By 1997, LMPC constructed a three-storey building at the heart of Brgy. Lamac worth P2M. It was named Gawad Pitak Building since it was realized by winning the series of LBP Gawad Pitak competitions. Same year, Lamac MPC received several awards for being the Model Filipino Organization – Mithi Award by Filipino Inc. & Top Performer in Savings Mobilization CARE Phils.
  • In 1998, Lamac MPC won 1st prize of the LBP Gawad Pitak National Level in the amount of P500,000.00. Lamac MPC rehabilitated an old water reservoir and had it connected to a nearby spring, a priority barangay government project that had not been implemented because of lack of funds.  Using its 1st prize cash reward and a P200,000 loan from LBP, they installed a new water system with the technical assistance of the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA).  This was used as leverage for the district congressman to allocate P 1.5 million from his Countryside Development Fund for a filtration plant.  This paved the way for most households to have direct access to potable water.  The cooperative continued to provide potable water services to the community.

  • It was also during the 90s that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), under its Community Based Forest Management Assistance (CBFMA) Program, partnered with  Lamac MPC to manage 35 hectares of watershed in the area.  In the process Lamac MPC and DENR pursued Income Generating Projects involving upland farmers including swine dispersal and forest/fruit tree seedling production. With the continued blessing from God, Lamac MPC amended its area of operation from barangay base to municipal wide operation covering the whole municipality of Pinamungajan.                             
  • By 2000, Lamac MPC bought land worth PhP 250,000 from the barangay government to start a housing program.  The barangay had purchased the lot intending to build a market but it turned out that the project was not feasible. The cooperative housing program benefitted 20 members who were squatting on private land. At the same year, Lamac MPC Pinamungajan Branch Office building was constructed and inaugurated.
  • In 2001, Lamac MPC established linkage with Capital Credit Union (CCU) thru the twinning coop program of Canadian Cooperative Association (CCA) thru VICTO. Canadian coop leaders came to LMPC to experience the Filipino coop way of life. Four of the LMPC coop leaders paid a return visit to Canada to share and exchange views pertaining to coop development. At the same year, Lamac MPC amended its area of operation to the whole third district of Cebu catering the municipalities from Barili to Tuburan. Lamac MPC became conduit of PCFC thru HELP projects and CARE Phils. through MAP projects. Three awards added to the coop:

- 1st Place Achievement Award – CARE Phils. Outstanding Performance Award National Level
- 2nd Place Most Outstanding Agri Coop National Level

  • June 29, 2001, Lamac MPC established the Toledo Branch Office to manage new penetrated areas. Awards received during the year:
  • January 21, 2002, Lamac MPC won the RAFI Triennial Award with prize of P250,000.00 used to procure lot for the housing project. The Cooperative Development Authority and the Representative of the 3rd Congressional District chose LMPC as the conduit of the Lingap sa Mahirap Fund with P1M and the PDAF with an amount of P4.9M for the financial and technical assistance to PO’s, NGO’s and Coops within the 3rd District of Cebu.
  • In 2002, Lamac MPC Balamban Branch Office was installed that catered the members of the municipalities of Balamban, Asturias and Tuburan. Awards received in 2002:

- CISP – Coop Service Award
- CDA Most Outstanding Agri Coop, 1st Place National Level
- Hall of Fame – CARE Philippines
- Hall of Fame – LBP Gawad Pitak     

  • By 2003, Lamac MPC bagged the most coveted award from Land Bank of the Philippines “The Ginintuang Gawad Pitak Award” with a prize of P1M. Thru this and Capital Credit Union’s financial assistance the coop constructed a Cooperative Training Center that eventually became the Hidden Valley Training Center & Resort. Awards received in 2003:

- CLPA Recognition Award
- CLPA 1st Place Municipal Category
- LBP Key Cooperative Award National Level
- CISP Coop Service Award – Region VII
- PCFC Outreach Achievement Award
- LBP Loyalty Award                

  • At present, Lamac Multi-purpose Cooperative is now operating in the whole Visayas and Mindanao area with 18 business offices, 15 of which are within Cebu Province and 3 offices outside Cebu but within Visayas. Lamac MPC is still hoping for more development in order to deliver the desired services to its members anchored in our Vision and Mission and guided by our Core Values LOVE - loyalty, oneness, valour and empathy.


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